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Guide To Selecting A Paid Directory

Guide To Selecting A Paid Directory

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Website owners are often in a quandary about whether or not to submit their site for inclusion in a web directory and whether to consider a paid or free directory. Without a shadow of doubt a paid directory has many significant advantages and submitting to one is almost assured to generate results. However before leaping into it there are a few points to consider:

Cost Of Paid Submissions

Cost matters to most people because they have a budgetary restriction which determines how many directories they can afford to be listed in. Cost will also dictate which directory or directories you choose, depending on the price they charge. This is something of an individual matter because while some owners might be comfortable with paying $20-30 for a link, others might consider it well over their budget. If you are on a tight budget, go for the cheaper options.

High Page Rank Helps

The general rule is that when contemplating the PR of a directory the only feature that counts is the PR of the page on which your link appears. Obviously it’s preferable to get into a directory with a high index page PR even if the page on which you are listed is PR 1 or 2. A high PR Business Directory suggests that the directory is favorably considered and that the owner is proficient at promoting his resource. This also suggests that as time goes by the inner pages have every possibility of increasing.  A directory with a high index PR obviously attracts a fair amount of traffic.


A question that bothers people who pay for links is how reliable is the directory, in terms of how long will it be in existence? Do you have an assurance, after paying $50, that it will be around 6 to 12 months down the road? This is something on which you need to do a bit of spadework. If you check search engines you should get a readout of how effective is the directory promotion, does it belong in a network, is it discussed on forums, does it have a fair number of backlinks and a good PR and is it listed on a fair number of directory sites. If the answers are positive then there’s every indication that the directory is gaining traffic and earning revenue. A revenue-generating directory is an asset to its owner and hence unlikely to be dumped as long as it’s earning. These are the kind of directories on which you should be listed which the owners treat and foster with respect. These are the directories you will stand to gain from.

SEO Friendly Business Directory

Is the directory to which you are planning to send your submission SEO-friendly? This is essential because if it’s not then your site won’t get a backlink which is what counts in search engines. The priority on most search engines is to identify and promote SEO-friendly directories, which are the ones which will be of most use to you.

Bear in mind that a good directory is able to advertise and market itself.

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