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SMS Marketing For Businesses

SMS Marketing For Businesses

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

One of the most popular contemporary marketing solutions is via SMS or Short Messaging Service through mobile phones. But this is a usable solution only in countries which allow SMS marketing. In North America as indeed in many other countries around the world, the most popular way to communicate with mobile customers is through short mobile codes. SMS is a wireless service across digital mobile networks which enable the transmission of short text messages to other mobile phones and systems like voice mail, email and paging. The reason it is called short is because the message is restricted to a maximum length of 160 characters. SMS marketing messages are typically prepared by professional marketing groups which specialize in solutions in SMS marketing.

What exactly is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the production of text messages to promote virtually anything. It could entail more than one text message which could be used to promote a new product, disseminate information about a new product or make an announcement about specials. SMS is a swift and easy way to reach out to your customer base to transfer information you intend to convey. SMS as a marketing tool, is the new and accepted form of mobile communication which has established itself as a powerful business strategy. Clued-up marketers are aware of the benefits of SMS marketing and exploit it to the full to communicate with their audience swiftly and effectively. For this reason, text messaging is replacing email as the preferred business communication tool for marketers.

But like all other marketing endeavors, SMS marketing can be unproductive if your target audience is not clearly defined. Sending a barrage of messages to an indeterminate audience will produce no results. This is where SMS marketing solutions breach the gap. A solution has to be found which enables an honestly interested prospective client to access data when needed. An SMS marketing solution has to constantly monitor a campaign so it can be corrected, or adjusted whenever necessary, to optimize its effectiveness.

Location-specific marketing is a new perception which SMS marketing solutions have to address. In this technique the location of people is sensed, so that text messages can be sent to promote specific products and services that are available to them in the vicinity where they are. This is a useful way of reaching a location-specific audience.

What are the advantages of SMS marketing solutions?

SMS marketing is a popular advertising platform because of three precise advantages.

  • It is a cost-effective and swift way of simultaneously reaching a large target audience
  • It fosters goodwill because text messages have a personal ring about them which suggests the company cares
  • Text messages are short enough to be opened and read by recipients, unlike emailĀ  messages which are often deleted without being opened

Some essential features

If you feel SMS marketing is the right solution for you, here are some features you should incorporate:

  • Optimize your customer response with special offers
  • Color your campaign with a unique sender id
  • Create a channel for instant customer response
  • Create a data base of mobile numbers of a potentially interested target audience

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