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Consumer Walking Shoes

Consumer Walking Shoes

Consumer Walking Shoes is a new website dedicated to consolidating ratings and reviews around the web for the top walking, running, and hiking shoes. We help consumer make the best purchasing decisions before they buy to ensure they are getting quality, stylish, and comfortable footwear.

We provide reviews and ratings for the best walking shoes for men and women. We consolidate reviews and ratings from many publishers across the web to give a fair and balanced rating for every tennis shoe we feature. Currently focusing on walking, we plan to expand our services to other popular activities such as hiking and running. However, our main focus is to cover recreational walking shoes, sneakers, and fashionable shoes. 

Additioanlly, we like to help grow the community of walkers. We have recently published guides on how to find and/or set up your own walking community in your area. Walking with people is much more fun than doing it alone and that’s why walking groups have become increasingly popular over the past decade.

We are health conscious individuals. That means we also talk about the health benefits of walking and staying activie everyday. Our most recent published resource is our hydration calculator that helps people find out how much water they need to be drinking every day. Water is an important element to walking and the combination can result in increased energy and elevated moods.

We are happy walkers and love writing about walking.  


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