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NYC Messenger

NYC Messenger

GFD Courier is a NY messenger and courier service company that is committed to offering exceptional customer service and fast deliveries. All of GFD’s uniformed NY messengers are trained in handling sensitive material and unique pick-up and delivery locations, and many have been on staff for nearly a quarter of a century. GFD’s messengers can make messenger deliveries by foot, bicycle or via public transportation throughout the metropolitan NY area.

GFD Courier offers same-day delivery, messenger, and courier services in the greater New York area, plus many other services that ordinary courier companies can’t provide. For example, we deliver a variety of materials, from envelopes and small packages to cartons, department store displays, and office equipment. Our warehousing facilities enable us to temporarily warehouse your office equipment, copy machines, printed matter, and other items for sorting and distribution at a later date. We Styrofoam-insulate and package items such as delicate office machinery for long-distance shipping. Unusual shipments and destinations are no problem! We deliver to difficult-to-enter locations such as courtrooms; hotels, and conferences and convention halls. We track deliveries, from envelopes to a roomful of office furniture, from the time they leave the premises on one of our trucks or vans, to the time they arrive at their destination. Our courier and delivery services are priced competitively. 



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